08 April 2016 - 'Beacon of Hope' project

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'Beacon of Hope' project

Over the last few weeks Plume Academy students have been thinking about human rights, helping other people who are less fortunate than them-selves and what do we mean when we call something a ‘Beacon of Hope’ in the world.
Students were provided with a template and asked to come up with their own Beacon of Hope design based on their own interpretation, experiences of life, and upbringing. Society can often feel helpless because it seems as though there is so much suffering and unfairness in the world that we don’t know how we as individuals can help to put things right.
Shown here are a few examples of designs, which highlight the work of charities as a Beacon of Hope in the world. We as individuals are able to join together in acts of fundraising; we can campaign to raise awareness of issues. Sometimes we are able to volunteer and offer our time to work for a kinder, more
companionate world.
This is an evolving and ongoing community project. It allows those involved to reflect on the impact that helping others in our global community of humanity has on those being helped and also the positive impact on those doing the helping?
Email: t.morrell@plume.essex.sch.uk