15 March 2014 - 'Instrumental' in engaging teenagers

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'Instrumental' in engaging teenagers

For some time now we have been helping to collect unloved guitars, drums in fact any musical instruments that are gathering dust and going un played. Do you have a guitar that you haven’t played for a while, perhaps it has a string or two missing? In the spirit of recycling, it would be good to be able to find a good home for them. We are planning to bring them back to life through Music therapy, community youth projects and Alternative Education. Perhaps we could involve the young people in helping to make them playable again and we may even un tap unknown creative talent?
Another-string is a collaborative community project and is about more than just providing the instruments. Its giving people who may struggle to gain access to music; new skills, fresh hope maybe, a chance to do and a chance to ‘be’ someone.
A TLS ‘Developing Community Experiences’ project – Supported by Maldon United Reformed Church, and the Plume School Maldon.
If you also have faith in young people contact hope4all@live.co.uk
tel. 01621 854803