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Saturday 24th October 2015 – Quaker Meeting Hall at 2.30pm
Attended Chelmsford Amnesty Group’s invite to hear talk by Dr Daragh Murray on Human Rights in the Era of Constant Surveillance. Daragh is lecturer and director of the Human Rights Clinic at Essex University.
Daragh Murray
The talk by Daragh was extremely interesting and thought provoking dispelling the automatic assumption that surveillance is only a problem to those who have something to hide. A balanced delivery acknowledged the many advantages of personal data analysis by governments and agencies however the dangers seem to come where unregulated sharing of data could have very negative consequences.
Following the talk there was an opportunity to network and get to know one another and suggest that members of our Amnesty International Group in Maldon may like to collaborate and come together. Perhaps a delegation could attend the meetings in Chelmsford on occasions? A huge thank you to Shirley & Barrie, who I met for hosting the event, providing the tea and cake and for making us all very welcome.
by Tony Morrell – Amnesty on the Hill – Maldon URC Amnesty

Shirley Durgan – Membership – Chelmford Amnesty Group

Sunday 30th March –
2nd meeting held after the service at the Maldon United Reformed Church. Issues Presented – Women in Afghanistan – Violence against women. 6 group members attended.
Sheila Roberts – Proposed holding an ‘AMNESTEA’ Coffee morning at her house on Saturday the 5th July. Sheila also said she would discus with the Vicar of All Saints establishing closer ties with his church in respect to mutual support for Amnesty International and human rights in general. We suggested it would be good to organise joint Amnesty International events including AMNESTEAs on the High Street and other joints activities.
Margaret Davidson – is going to publish further news about the group in the Church Magazine.

The reformed group focused its energy on the following areas:-
• Letter writing campaigns to support prisoners of conscience. Amnesty International publish names of ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ who need support. Letters can be sent by post or email and they make a huge difference to the Prisoner of Conscience concerned. The Amnesty website has a Letter Writing Guide in the Resources section.
• To get involved with other churches and other community action groups.
• To encourage people to use their creative and other talents to raise awareness of Human Rights abuses.
• To put on Human Rights events or concerts.
• To raise money for Amnesty International.

Am-B1 The Amnesty in the hill was initially started some seven years ago by Alice, Caroline & Tim Nichols and is a Church group affiliated to Amnesty International.

The Plume School is able to bring issues of human rights to the attention of young people as part of a very pro-active as part of their Citizenship initiatives. The school has conducted ‘Amnesteas’ to help raise awareness of the plight of individuals who claim injustice and false imprisonment all around the world.Am-B2

If you would like to find out more about how you too could support Amnesty International please contact us for details.

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