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In an ideal world we would hope that any adult with a learning difficulty would feel safe walking home past the school at 3.20pm. We would hope that they would be able to take refuge anywhere and people would help. But unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. Many people avoid getting involved and find excuses.

The ‘Keep Safe’ scheme is a really simple idea and involves identifying and establishing ‘Safe Havens’ where Adults with Learning Difficulties can go if they feel in danger or feel fearful, while going about their everyday business in and around Maldon. The scheme member will be asked to sign up and then will be given a Keep Safe Key-ring plus a Concertina Name card, which they will be asked to carry on them and complete giving trusted contact details of someone they would like to be contacted in the event of a crisis?

All that is asked of the venue staff, is to provide the person, who presents themselves in distress, with a reassuring welcome and an opportunity to use a phone to contact the person on the card. How simple is that!

Although that’s the scheme in a nutshell, it becomes clear that its more than just providing a Keep-Safe Refuge, it’s actually about being prepared to be a Good Samaritan and not finding excuses to look the other way? Its just looking out for the ‘vulnerable in our society’ and in an ideal world we (a) wouldn’t need a scheme to encourage this to happen and (b) the vulnerable wouldn’t feel vulnerable in the first place. But we don’t live in an ideal world. It’s interesting that in areas where the scheme is already in operation its very rare that the venues are ever used, however its the reassurance the scheme gives that’s important. It has had considerable results it providing the added confidence to Adults with a Learning Disability to venture out into the community without fear and knowing they have people who they can turn to.

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