• Sponsored Walk 2016

    Sponsored Walk 2016

    On Sunday the 18th September 2016 a group of Maldon Pioneers, plus volunteers, took part in a sponsored walk event to raise money to help pay for our brand new minibus. .

  • Reaching out to the Pioneers

  • Making a diffference...4 Community

    Making a diffference...4 Community

    4 Community’ aims to deliver my extensive range of community work related skills under one umbrella, as a potential sustainable Community Support project.
    Underpinning the service is a desire to deploy my Media, Illustration and Graphic skills to help promote good causes and feed into the education of people of all ages and abilities.

  • 'Beacon of Hope' project

    'Beacon of Hope' project

    Over the last few weeks Plume Academy students have been thinking about human rights, helping other people who are less fortunate than them-selves and what do we mean when we call something a ‘Beacon of Hope’ in the world.
    Students were provided with a template and asked to come up with their own Beacon of Hope design based on their own interpretation, experiences of life, and upbringing. Society can often feel helpless because it seems as though there is so much suffering and unfairness in the world that we don’t know how we as individuals can help to put things right.

  • Fly Tipping campagn

    Fly Tipping campagn

    Adam who works in Tesco in Heybridge wrote about how he felt about the Fly-tipping where he works. He took some photos of the problem. Janet one of our volunteers helped him with his writing and together we produced a poster design. Adam made an appointment to talk to his employers about the issue and suggested the he would like to run a campaign to educate the pubic about the problem and encourage people to look after the environment.

  • Pioneer Voice

    At Pioneers we are making every effort to empower the members and involve them more and more in planning activities and having a say in what we do. Pioneers are represented on the committee and now have a website and a Facebook page where everyone is welcome to have a say. For those who may struggle to write for themselves Janet Tomas has been sitting with the Pioneers on a ‘one-to-one’ and scribing what they want to communicate.