• Anti Bullying evening at Plume

    Anti Bullying evening at Plume

    Still buzzing from one of those unforgettable evenings we as helpers find ourselves privileged to attend. A very talented and group of Plume students gave up their own time on Wednesday evening to making a huge difference in the community. The ‘ABC Group’, plus representatives from the ‘Friendship Group’ worked ​with the Maldon Pioneers Association to tackle the many types of Bullying which affect Adults with Learning Difficulties and young people alike. This was done through delivery of a drama workshop and creating posters together, finishing off with a chance to socialise together over a buffet supper.

  • Christmas Bazzaar 2014

    Christmas Bazzaar 2014

    On Saturday the 15th November 2014 we, the Maldon Pioneers, held our Christmas Bazzaar in the School Rooms, Maldon United Reformed Church, Market Hill.
    On the day we raised a total of £800.95p for much needed Pioneers running costs. The committee wishes to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported the Bazzaar in some way either by helping, donating, buying or attending. Thank you!
    The Pioneers and helpers are looking forward to the Christmas build up with all the parties and events coming up.

  • Why not Drop-in....

    Why not Drop-in....

    The Maldon Pioneers Association will be running a weekly drop-in in the D’arcy Room, All Saints Church for the Pioneers to nave a place to socialise and feel safe. The Drop-in will be operating every Monday during term time 10am till 21noon.

  • Summer Scheme

    Summer Scheme

    The Summer Scheme kicked off on the 23rd July with the Thames Barge trip which sailed out of Maldon on the high tide at 9.30am and headed down the estuary for a two hour sailing. Since then the weather has been kind for us on all the trips we’ve been on. We went to Colchester Zoo on Monday the 28th July, Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens on Thursday 7th August, then a trip to the sea-side on the 14th August. This year the Summer BBQ was held at the at the Sun and Anchor in Steeple.

  • Summer Scheme Barge Trip

    Summer Scheme Barge Trip

    Kicked off in spectacular fashion with the long awaited Thames Barge trip. Since I started organising the trips for the Summer scheme seven years ago now, Its always been a bug-bare of mine that the cost has always made it un-affordable. Well by a combination of a long running fund-raising campaign to help subsidise the trip and a really generous offer to the Pioneers by…

  • Plume Media Project with Pioneers

    Plume Media Project with Pioneers

    Lots happening at Pioneers lately its difficult to keep up with developments. End of term and Year 10 Plume students came into Pioneers Thursday Group to film footage for a Media project they have been commissioned to work on for the Maldon District Community Safety Partnership to promote ‘Keep Safe’. The students did a really amazing Job, the Pioneers loved being part of it. Check out the result to see what you think. Well done everyone!

  • Back from Butlins

    Back from Butlins

    Last Monday 26th May, the Maldon Pioneers returned back to Maldon to a warm welcome from friends, relatives and carers of the Pioneers. Once again Butlins in Minehead was the location and once again everyone had a really fun and enjoyable time. The accommodation was better than last years since the resort had seen fit to upgrade us all to chalets with more room. Each chalet had a sitting room this time which meant we had space where we could gather and socialise with one another.

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    What a wonderful time of year and sprits are lifting as we get into spring. Nature and wildlife makes its plans and so do we at Pioneers. Spring is a great time for looking forward and all the talk with the Pioneers is about the summer holiday which once again is taking us all off to Mine-head in Somerset.

  • 'Instrumental' in engaging teenagers

    'Instrumental' in engaging teenagers

    For some time now we have been helping to collect unloved guitars, drums in fact any musical instruments that are gathering dust and going un played. Do you have a guitar that you haven’t played for a while, perhaps it has a string or two missing? In the spirit of recycling, it would be good to be able to find a good home for them. We are planning to bring them back to life through Music therapy, community youth projects and Alternative Education. Perhaps we could involve the young people in helping to make them playable again and we may even un tap unknown creative talent?

  • A 'spring' in our step

    A 'spring' in our step

    Lots happening so far in 2014. The committee has been busy settling into their new roles and everyone is focused on how we can run a tighter ship so that we can improve on the way we do things for the Pioneers. With January & February gone, everyone hopes that the dark evenings and winter storms are a thing of the past and we can all look forward to the spring program of activities.