• Christmas Party Time

    Christmas Party Time

    Its been a wonderful festive time so far this year, starting with our Christmas dinner at the Mission in Danbury on Monday the 10th December. Everyone had a really enjoyable and fun evening! The Turkey dinner was amazing and I’m sure all the Pioneers would like to say a big thank you to all the everyone who planned, cooked, helped serve the food, drove transport etc etc!

  • A Bazzaar day for Pioneers

    A Bazzaar day for Pioneers

    Saturday the 17th November was our Christmas Bazzaar. It was well attended by Pioneers and helpers. It was also well supported by the public. The result of the Bazaar is Raffle £410 and the sale £670 Making a grand total of £1,080. More news to follow.

  • Autumn season of activities

    Autumn season of activities

    Nights are drawing in and we are well into our autumn season of activities. The Summer Scheme went really well and is history now. Our AGM last month was well attended and we are now starting to consider how we can best deliver social activities for our members in this current climate of austerity…

  • Summer Scheme over for another year

    Summer Scheme over for another year

    Big thank you to everyone who has supported the summer scheme this year!
    Final trip – Tuesday 4th Sept – Hever Castle – Kent – Castle and Gardens – This was the last of this year’s outings. The weather was superb and Pioneers and helpers who attended said how lovely the castle was and how helpful the staff there had been.

  • Pioneers now have their own website

    Yes Pioneers now have the benefit of having their own dedicated website. So what will this mean for us?
    It means we can inform people what we are up to on a daily basis. We are hoping that more Pioneers will not only be able to get news via our website but also be hands on publishing content!

  • Pioneers return from Holiday

    Pioneers return from Holiday

    Yes the Maldon Pioneers holiday has been and gone and everyone had a fantastic time. Most Pioneers made their own way to where the coach was to set off from, The Backwater Liesure Centre in Maldon.

  • Maldon Pioneers get ready for their Holidays

    Maldon Pioneers get ready for their Holidays

    Yes, its all systems go for the 2012 holiday to Minehead in Somerset. Some Pioneers are getting an early pickup from home then we are heading off for a long journey.

  • Really Good News

    Really Good News

    Having a Faith, going to church can be very important to many people and we intend to help where we can.

  • 'Hand-in-hand' helping others

    'Hand-in-hand' helping others

    I’m the first to sign up to the phrase ‘Charity begins at home’ but I also believe that doesn’t mean we have to close our eyes to things we can do for people far worse off than ourselves in other parts of the world.

  • A hope for a brighter future for all

    A hope for a brighter future for all

    For me the world changed on September the 11th 2001. We all watched the events on TV unfold in front of our eyes. I subsequently heard that my Gran who at the time lived alone in a warden controlled bungalow near to my mum, had watch the events in New York alone.